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Author: Unknown

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Horse's Made a Donation!

   Yesterday, my son volunteered to take his little truck to the neighbors and get a load of horse manure. They have a stable and several horses that they keep and train. The neighbor used his tractor with a bucket and loaded 3 large scoops of manure onto his truck. It was almost up to the top of his cab. Poor little truck handled it tho. It is partially aged, a dark brown to blackish color, and mostly dried and flaky. There is still some mild odor, but not too bad. It was enough that my 4 yo "girly" grand daughter didnt come near the beds. However, this little want-a-be gardener also threw a screaming fit over having to walk past an earth worm. I shoveled each of the 3 beds full of this stuff. It was probably a good 6" thick in most places. I still have to take a rototiller to it and work it in.

I also spent a couple of hours outside today cleaning up a couple of small beds, and top dressing with the manure. The soil is such hard clay, I could barely get my shovel into it to loosen up the top layer. In the one bed outside the hot tub, I also planted some seedlings of orange poppy, and Lauren's grape poppy in with the hosta's and tulips. I think the orange and purple should look good together. These were just a start of the winter sown seedlings.


  1. I spread horse poo yesterday too. Good stuff, I'm told. I hope so. I have lots of tomatoes riding on this stuff.

  2. Yep, I read your blog pretty regular. Your gardens are really filling in nicely.thanks for visiting.