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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hopefully Our Last Frost

   Well the weather forecasters first said we were to drop to 31 ° last night, then just before going to bed it said 29°. During the night I read it was 32°. I woke up this morning to a pretty good frost everywhere but my backyard. If there is any there it is so light I cant see it. My backyard kind of has its own little microclimate going. The house backs it up to a hill, and there is another large hill on the right, and a small knoll on the left. Trees surround all sides but the house. So far everything looks OK ,even my winter sown seedlings, perennials AND annuals. I had brought my tomatoes in that werent winter sown, the others stayed outside. May 15 is our official last frost date. I think if weather permits, I will go ahead and plant out my tomatoes this weekend.

Update 4/29/10--Well it wasnt the last! We had another last night. This time I was caught off guard, and had left all my tomatoes, fuschia, and more outside. Fortunately, that backyard microclimate thing must have saved them. Nothing was harmed. Other than a cup of Balsam I had sitting out. I guess it doesnt like the cold too well.


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya! :)

  2. I can't imagine frost this time of year! Our latest is usually April 15, but I've seen it as late as the 18th.

    Glad your plants are okay. I am really into the seed sowing now--but, I direct sow here as it's easy and I'm lazy! LOL My larkspur, cornflowers and nigella are getting ready to pop along with the poppies.

  3. Officially, we're not supposed to plant out til the last weekend in May. Do I ever follow this rule? No. Of course, there have been ghastly deaths, mostly Coleus....

    Christine in Alaska

  4. I bet you are ready to get things started! We are starting to get into the 80's. I think summer temps will be here before summer. :) I'll send it your way.

  5. I am so glad your plants were not hurt by the unexpected frost. Our last frost date is usually Mar 1st. Now, I am gearing up for summer temperatures that will start to arrive in a couple of weeks. I hope you are planting lots of tomatoes :-)

  6. LOL Noelle, lots for me. I only put out 5-6 last yr. This yr I have about 15 plants, mostly heirloom.