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Sunday, June 06, 2010

My New Obelisk

      My pole beans are about 14" tall now, and I finally got my husband to build me an obelisk for them to grow on. He is going to build me one more yet. I plan on painting them a medium blue. I want an "X" pattern between the two cross braces, if I don't get them made from wood this year, then I will probably wrap twine here in an "X" pattern. I think they are going to need this to give the beans a little more to grab hold of.  We got part of  the tomatoes staked last night, but still have about a dozen more to do. I wanted to paint these blue as well, but the tomatoes needed them a week ago. One of the plants had broken off, but it had some small roots on the stem, so I went ahead and planted it back, hoping it will take new root quickly enough to support it. I may still try and paint them yet. I just dont like the looks of the bright bare wood.The Mr. Big Peas, are now about 18" high. Cucumbers are about 6" and the same for the squash. Nasturtiums and marigolds still havent started blooming inside the garden yet. I also planted some Zinnia's inside as well. The 2 plants of the Echinacea Berry Pow Wow are about 2" tall. they are growing extremely slow. I also have some Climbing Black Eyed Susie vines that are about 2" and growing along the fence above the strawberries. On the opposite fence, growing above the bush beans are some Luffa vines.The lettuce has alo been doing well. I have been just cutting off the leaves instead of pulling, and it grows back very well.

My husband built me another one, and added a little more decoration to the top of the original tower. I got them painted, but not without a little mess. While I was in the doorway of the garage painting, we got a sudden severe storm. The rain came down so heavy, gutters were overflowing, and my sidewalk down from the backyard looked like a waterfall. Luckily I was inside when it hit. After things settled down, I took them outside to dry and got them placed in the garden for the pole beans to climb. I really like the bright blue color. I had planned on painting the tomato stakes, but after the time it took on these, I changed my mind.


  1. Your garden looks great. Sounds like you will have a big harvest soon. I love the blue obelisks. They add so much character to your garden. Your husband did a good job.

  2. Can your husband supply the instructions and materials needed to make those lovely obelisks?

  3. Ramona, I wish I could but we just free wing anything we do. I cant tell you sizes. When we did was split 2x4's in half long ways. For the top we made a box with a flat top, then screwed the tops of the legs into each corner. I also added glue to the joins before screwing.Mine stand about 6 to 6.5 feeet high, with leg spread about 22", then measure for you side bords so they can go across two legs and be long enough to overlap the other side board. Its not as hard as it loos. The wood doesnt cost much. We also took a chunk of 4x4 post about 5" tall, the angled the edges only at the top, and glue and screw these down on top center.