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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Visitors That Don't Know When To Go Home

     You know the kind. They stop by for a visit. Eat everything they can find, and just literally make a pest of themselves. You keep dropping hints and still they won't leave. No....this time I am not talking about family,lol. But this guy:
Click on pic for a larger version. This is called a Turkey Vulture, because of its featherless red head. Off the top of my head, I called it a Vulture. My all knowing husband corrected me and said " No...Its a buzzard."
Well when I started to post about this "Buzzard", and actually took the time to look it up, I found out I was right to begin with. Lucky for him, he "politely" corrected me, because he already pi**ed me off this morning, when he let the weedeater get loose. I guess he thought he was helping pull weeds this morning in the potager, luckily/or unluckily, the only thing missing are my zuchini. I wonder if he was trying to tell me something? Anyway, I have been watching this HUGE bird buzz my windows, and sit outside my living room in a tree only about 30-40 feet away. I was afraid it was a predatory bird. With my little 5 lb Yorkie, and Maltese dogs and cats, I was afraid of what he had his eye on for dinner. I have gone outside, and he watches me for a few moments then flies in a wide sweeping circle and returns to a tree slightly further away, until I am not looking again. After reading this page on him: Vulture.
it says they are actually an "unagressive", "non-confrontational" bird. And does NOT feed on live prey. These are the birds we usually see eating on dead animals along the road side. As far as I know, cause I checked my pulse nothing is dead around here. I read this bird gets 25-32 inches long, and mine is every bit of 30 some inches. With a wingspan of 6 feet. It also states:"The Turkey Vulture, contrary to popular belief, does not feed strictly on carrion.  This bird enjoys plant matter as well, including shoreline vegetation, pumpkin, and bits of other crops. "  I hope its not waiting on my garden.

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