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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Early June Views From My Garden

            June has just gotten started, but already I have some new things going on in my garden. I winter sown several varieties of poppies. I have never grown them before, but I am so excited. I have my first of two different poppy blooms. The first to show her face was Poppy Laurens Grape. Unfortunately I didnt get a good pic of it yet. The second was this morning, when I noticed one bloom about to pop.

Stella D' Oro was just showing her pretty face for the first time this season.

I bought these Lillies from Lowes last year during their clearance. Most had already finished blooming, but looked healthy. I think they were only $1. I couldnt pass up that price. I am getting to see them bloom for the first time.This one is 
Asiatic Lilly "Tiny Ghost"

This one is Lillium "Petite Pink"

This Clematis was a total surprise. it is the second season for Clematis Ramona that resides in this spot. Suddenly I noticed another pretty face in the same spot this morning. I dont remember planting another their, but you know how it goes. Now I have to ID it. 
Update: This has been ID"d as possibly Clematis "Black Prince".

I also have a pretty new pink Hollyhock. I must have planted it last year and forgot it, since this is the first year it has bloomed. I love the soft yellow center.

This Rudbeckia just fully opened its face this morning. I know it from its fuzzy leaves.

These Annabelle Hydrangeas were grown from cuttings traded for on Gardenweb several years ago. I just love Hydrangeas, and these are so hardy. they never fail to bloom, and are so easy to root. All my Annabelles came from this original clump.

This bed is along the walk on the way out of my courtyard in the back. To the left is where my stone raised bed is.There is Annabelle here, some Pee Gee Hydrangea (which I am sure will have to be moved one of these days), and a beautiful Climbing rose Cecille Brunner. Unfortunately is only a once bloomer. Also just showing its blooms are a purple clematis slimbing with the rose, and just now starting to open.

Then after you exit this area, and turn around to look back in (the opposite side of the above bed) is my all red and white bed. I didnt plan it, it kinda just happened. You can see the Annabelle blooms hanging over the fence, and then there are a variety of Hostas, and crammed in are the red Asiatic Lillies "Tiny Ghost", a Salvia Snow Hill, and not yet blooming but growing towards the front are Dianthus "Raspberry". When I planted everything the hosta's had just started opening up, and I forgot how big they were. So things really need dug up again, and spaced out forward some more. But I will wait till fall so I dont lose any bloom.


  1. Hi Tammy. It will probably be another year before I get poppies to bloom here so I will enjoy yours. It is always exciting to see a new flower bloom. I love the yellow orange flowers blooming around it and of course I adore your hydrangeas. The Petite Pink lily is such a pretty thing. I cannot blame you for $1.00 who could pass them up.

  2. Tammy, I have many of the same flowers that you do, but yours are way a head of mine. Maybe another couple of weeks mine will all be open.

  3. Hi Tammy, I love your blossoms! My favortie is Lillium "Petite Pink". Such a beautiful color.