"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away?"

Author: Unknown

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Off To The Beach!

   Well Saturday morning, we are off to the beach for 10 days. I cant wait. There is something sooo relaxing, and soothing about scrunching your toes in the sand, feeling the gentle breezes flow across your face and thru your hair, and looking out over the ocean. For the past 5 yrs or so we take our fifth wheel and stay at Lakewood Campground in Myrtle Beach. I would prefer the quieter, calmer atmosphere of North Carolina beaches such as Duck and Kitty Hawk, but I havent found a campground there on the ocean with full hook-ups. We used to stay in NC when the kids were smaller and we traveled with friends and shared a house on or near the beach. Now its just us. I much prefer to stay in the camper than a hotel .  So I guess after Friday, things will be a little quiet around here for awhile  :)

                                                          See ya later.......................................


  1. have a great time. just found your blog, now you're going away. ha! we'll be going to garden city in two weeks. have stayed there in the same house for 6 years. hope that oil doesn't make it's way there and hope there are no hurricaines. for you AND us.

  2. Have a great vacation. My friend and her husband like Ocean Lakes Campgrounds and they have one of these really nice RV. They drive it down there in the winter and she stays there and he flies back and forth every 3rd. week. They pull or drive a small car behind it that they can have transportation when the RV is parked. They've even had Ocean Lakes to store it for the summer months before. Are you familiar with this resort? If not, might want to check it out. She raves about it and this is their 3rd. yr. going there. It's in N. Myrtle Beach area I think.