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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Grow Project update

       This is an update for the Seed Grow Project for the month of June. it is a little late however, since it was supposed to be posted this past Sunday. I have the first Climbing Nasturtium Spitfire planted in the potager. However, I forgot about a plants tendency to grow facing the sun, so this gal is growing facing the fence of the potager. It still may look pretty nice once it gets more mature and blooms, I am hoping it climbs around the rails as it is growing up. It is about 18" tall and looking very lush and green. No blooms as yet. This one was winter sown in a milk jug, so it is my largest plant. I have done no fertilizing , but it is growing in soil topped with about 6" of aged horse manure. It is in full sun as well. So far I havent had to water. It seems when things are starting to get a little parched, it rains.

This Spitfire Nasturtium is growing in my raised bed in the backyard. It was spring sown then transplanted. Right now it is about a foot tall, and looks very green and pretty as well. I cant wait to see this one bloom. Where it is planted, instead of climbing, I want it to drape down my 30" stone wall that supports my raised bed. I think this will look very attractive. This one is also growing in full sun in my natural clay soil but with only a top dressing of composted horse manure.I have watered this bed a few times when it got dry, but thats only because its close to the hose, and I have a load of winter sown seedlings growing in this 60 foot long bed.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project, thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds."


  1. Your nasturtiums are looking very lush.

  2. Your batch of "nasties" looks much nicer than mine. I've one in a pot with a black-eyed Susan vine, I'm allowing both to trail out and down a pedestal the pot is sitting on. I'm not impressed with this particular variety of nasturtium. I'm used to viners with much more vigor than what 'Spitfire' exhibits. I tossed more seeds out and about today that I'll let flow along the yarden however they might.