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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tutorial Series for Crocheted German Lace Edging

       I recently posted in Knitting Paradise forum with questions on how to figure out crochet charts, and this beautiful edging done with crochet thread. I used number 10 size.
The above link should take you to the very talented designer's site.
NOTE: here is the corrected link to this pattern and many more:

      I have never done crochet from charts before. Knitting from charts was a feat I learned last winter. I love to challenge myself with new things, and absolutely hate doing more than one of a design. Short attention span problem. Anyway, once I got this edging figured out with help, a few others have asked for a tutorial. So here we are. 
      I have crocheted since I was in grade school, and usually from my own patterns. Thats what I like about crochet, I know how to make it do what I want.This chart thingy was a little confusing to say the least, especially with this design.This takes some time, so it will have to be done in a mini series. I am trying to create the tutorial so that it not only teaches you how to make this edging, but also teaches you how to read charts,so if you do a search online for edging and find say a beautiful Japanese one, You wont be stumped by not being able to read Japanese. Google translator isnt much help here either.  I couldnt make heads or tails of a translated pattern. So grab a size 6 crochet hook, and some number 10 crochet thread, and lets get started.
  The "dots" you see in chart represent chain (ch) stitches. The long bars with a slight slash across are dc, and circles (you will see later) are picot. The straight lines with no slash are single crochet (sc).

 Starting at the bottom right, chain  16. Then double crochet (dc) in 4th chain from hook. Then do 2 more dc in same ch stitch. Ch 3, and do 3 more dc in next ch stitch. To create a cluster group. Now  ch 3 and single crochet (sc) in 5th chain from previous dc. ( note the line between the cluster groups that doesnt have a dash thru it)  Then ch 3 and 3 dc in 5th chain from last sc. Ch 3, and do  3 dc in last chain.This completes row 1 and you should be at the left corner of the chart above. Your piece should look like this:

You can click on pic for a close-up view.
*Now ch 4 and turn piece. Do 3 dc in ch 3 space between cluster group. ch 3, then 3 more dc in same space. Now ch 5 and dc in next ch 3 space of next cluster group. do 2 more dc for a group of 3, then ch 3, and do 3 more dc in same space.* 
#Now ch 4 and turn. 3 dc in next ch 3 space between cluster group, ch 3, and 3 more dc in same space. ch 3, sc in 3rd chain of ch 5 below. ch 3 and 3 dc in ch 3 space of next cluster group.# This completes row row 3.
Now repeat from * to * above to complete row 4.  Ch 7 as in first chart above. Then slip stitch (ss)  into 1st dc of row 2 below as shown in diagram directly above.
Your piece should look like this now:
This pic taken just before joining the long ch 7.

Now ch 3 as in diagram from chart above, and then 12 dc into the loop made by the ch 7, going in the direction of the red arrow above. It will then look like the above pic.
In chart above you will see the dots at top right indicating you now need to ch 7 and hold so that you will be crocheting in the direction of the top red arrow.Then dc into 7th c of the 12 dc row below, where the yellow arrow indicates.( You now see the dots in between each of the dc symbols indicating you will ch 1 between each dc. ) Now ch 1, and dc in the next dc below, ch 1, and repeat so you have 6 dc going in direction of bottom red arrow. This is what your piece will look like now:

Now look at chart below:
according to above chart, you will now ch 2 and slip stitch into first ch of beginning foundation ch as shown by yellow arrow. Then at small red arrow at bottom left you see you will ch 3. Now dc into first ch 1 space between dc's of row below, indicated by long bottom red arrow. Now the chart shows the dc symbols with a circle on the tip (looks like a straight pin). This means you will form a picot at the tip of the dc's indicated. Five of them actually. So now ch 3 and slipstitch into top of dc, ch 1 and dc into next ch 1 space below, again ch 3 and ss into top of that dc, and ch 1 again forming another picot. Repeat these so you have 5 dc with a picot at the tip and a ch 1 between each. ch 1 after last dc and picot. 
Moving in direction of bottom , right, red arrow.

Your piece will now look like the piece above.

Now do 12 dc into ch 7 loop.

Your piece now looks like pic above.
Now according to chart above, you see you will ch 7, then dc into 7th dc of row below as indicated by the yellow arrow. Working in the direction of the red arrow. Here again you see the dots between the dc symbols indicating a ch one between each. So after the first dc, ch  1, then dc in dc below, ch 1, and repeat for a total of 6 dc.

PS: I think Google translator made a mistake in showing me this was a German lace, because now it says its Russian, and I believe that seems more accurate. I would change the title of posts, but I am afraid that would mess up the links for people following.



  2. I hope you do. It is a beautiful piece of edging.

  3. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.