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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rosa "Climbing Peace"

      I never met a rose I didnt like, and this one is no exception. This rose, along with a couple of others is growing in very poor, clay soil, but does so like a champ. It is extremely vigorous, and hardy in my zone 6-6b garden. I love how the blooms form in a multitude of soft, satiny yellow, ivory, and pinks. My husband lops it back every now and then when it gets in his way. I just dont have the heart,lol. It climbs fairly quickly, and enjoys full sun. Hardy in zones 4-10, and I get to enjoy its blooms all summer long.  When fully open, the blooms are about 4-5". There is a slight fragrance, but not real noticeable to my nose. Most information I have read about this one, says it gets 8-10 feet. Where I have it, it easily goes 11-12 ft. I really need to go in and cut it back to about 8 feet.


  1. That is a very beautiful rose! I have a climbing rose as well, but mine isn't doing as well as yours lol.

  2. Thanks Kyna, I am surprised it does so well in the hard dry soil. I can hardly dig in this area. Absolutely no topsoil here.

  3. Hi Tammy. Peace is such a pretty rose. I love the shape of the rose blooms.If it blooms all summer for you that is an additional great feature to have. That is such a pretty bed.

  4. Thank you Hocking Hills gardener. It does bloom all summer, including the rose "madame Isaac Pierre" growing next to it. Now that one's fragrance will knock your socks off from 15 feet away.

  5. Hi Tammy...what a dainty, sweet rose. I'm imagining how lovely it would look climbing over an arbor or doorway especially if it's a perpetual bloomer.

    Thank you for visiting my Cottage.