"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away?"

Author: Unknown

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Surprises in the Garden

  When working in the garden, one always needs to be prepared for all the little surprises that tend to occur. You never know what Mother nature is going to throw your way. Such as sudden rain storms, snakes, bugs, bird donated plants, etc. I have had all of the above, plus one more this morning. I opened a jug with one lone, Shasta Daisy seedling inside. I figured I might as well plant it out. So I carefully dug my hole, then scooped my fingers down in and under the seedling. Scooping it out gently. While picking it up and moving towards the hole, I thought it felt a little different.....a little squishy. Suddenly, I thought I felt slight movement inside the lump of dirt.Still i wasnt concerned. I just figured it was a bug, and gently laid it in the hole. Just as the clump settled into the hole, suddenly a little critter jumps from the clump as if to say, " Hey, I was sleeping there!" here is what I actually had in my hand:

Luckily, this is my daughter holding it for the close-up. I am a little more squeamish,lol

And here is the home he was so rudely evicted from:

This was actually a little better than the surprise I got while messing around in my lillies last year. I might be squeamish about the frog, but I dont like snakes.


  1. That was a cool, calm response to wiggling in some dirt. I think I would have thrown the clod sky high and ran shrieking. I've had some bad experiences with spiders, you see....

    Christine in Alaska, no insect surprises yet

  2. Lol, maybe I was too desperate to save that one lone seedling.