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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Rose "Climbing Peace"

  When I went out front today, and seen how full and beautiful this rose is getting, I had to take more pics. Some of these roses are marked so beautifully with soft blushes of pink on the tips of the petals. Some of them are a beautiful soft yellow. Its beautiful.

     I just found some very interesting info on this rose. It seems it has a very rich history. Francis Meilland, a French horticulturist,  pollinated this variety on June 15, 1935. When it seemed the Nazi  invasion of France was about to begin, Meilland sent eyes of the plant to rose growers he knew in Turkey, Germany, US, and Italy to protect the new rose. In 1945, Meilland wrote to Field Marshall Alan Brooke, to thank him for his part in Liberating France. Meilland wanted to give Brooke's name to the new rose. Brooke politely declined the offer stating that his name would soon be forgotten, and a much better, more enduring name would be "Peace". That was the very day the Berlin wall fell, symbolizing the end of  the Second World War in Europe. Later,  the American Rose Society sent each of the 49 delegations at the inaugural meeting of The United Nations in San Francisco a single long stem Peace Rose with the following note:
     " We hope the "Peace" Rose will influence men's thoughts for everlasting world peace."

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  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures. I bought a climbing peace rose last week and it is still waiting to be planted. And we are expecting snow next week! But I just wanted to say I enjoyed looking and reading!