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Monday, May 24, 2010

May Potager Update

   Someone was asking me some questions about the potager we built this year, so I figured it was time for an update. I dont have much done inside as far as ornamental. I hope to work on that more as times goes by. I dont have a gate up...yet. We also dont have the paths in yet. Right now they are just grass that my husband takes a weedeater to. I think we are leaning more to fine gravel paths. I would have preffered brick, but I think my husband didnt have his heart set on the labor,lol. I guess I cant have everything I want,lol. Outside the front I have some Peach Passion Sunflowers planted (they are just starting thru the dirt), purple Coneflowers, Butterfly Weed, Zinnia's, Cosmos, Marigold's, and heavenly Blue Morning Glory on each side of the opening.
Enter in and take a peek. Sorry, there's nothing to eat yet except a few sprigs of lettuce. Those little tomatoes seem to be at a standstill. Almost mocking me, since they know I am anxiously waiting some fresh tomatoes. Step carefully past my ever present, watchdog.

This is the bed I have my bush beans growing. If memory serves me (and a few of you know it does NOT), I believe they are Blue lake.

Here are the Mr. Big Peas. They are doing very well. About 10" tall now and growing up the fence I put together.

This bed shows where The Climbing "Spitfire" Nasturtium from Renee's Seed is growing just to the left corner ( check out the link for the GROW project for more info), the Latham Red raspberry in the center, strawberries, and some lettuce to the front edge. The strawberries I started planting out about 1.5 feet or so out away from the raspberry, because according to the tag it is expected to get about 3 foot wide. Around the tomatoes in the bed to the right, where you can just see the corner of, I have tomatoes, marigold's and nasturtiums planted. Also on th edge are carrots, lettuce, and chives. I think there is also Basil starting up on the ends near the tomatoes.

And here is a close-up of the raspberry.


  1. Hi, thanks for your visit, I sure like your garden. We are in the 90's now and the hanging tomato is blushing it want be long now for our first ripe one.

  2. Ok...that is just about the most darling potager ever. Seriously a lovely design element! Painting it the dark chocolate brown adds a surprise that the typical white just would not have had...great job! Kim

    BTW...yes that head is my doodling and thanks for the sweet words about the blog!