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Author: Unknown

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Clematis Ramona

  I just love the color of this clematis. And when it blooms, I can see it while sitting on the couch. It is growing right outside my sliding glass doors. Last year, I left the seeds to develop after the first bloom. I didnt know it would bloom again. Those seeds took forever to ripen. This year I am pruning it back when it is done. Then if I want I can save seed from the second go round.


  1. Hi Tammy. Now that is a lovely clematis.

  2. thank you.I cant wait to see if it will bloom twice for me.

  3. Hi Tammy ... I think the clematis you have might instead be HF Young ...


  4. Now that makes me wonder. It certainly looks like mine.It just appears mine may be a little darker, but not sure.Mine only blooms the one time, even with dead heading.