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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Grow Project

 My Climbing Nasturtium Spitfire's that I winter sowed one month ago, are doing very well. They are about 4" tall now.Leaves are bright green and very healthy looking. I just took these from their winter home (milk jug) and planted them in the potager under a small 3 ft bamboo tri-pod a couple of days ago. Our last frost date isnt offically until May 15, so I am taking a chance removing these from their protective home so soon. But I am hopefull our frost are done. Either way, my backyard is surrounded by my house and hills, so it doesnt get frosted very easily. As soon as we get some good weather again I will direct sow the remainder of my seeds with more details added to this post, on where and how they are planted.

Here is a pic taken moments ago of the Spitfires in their new home in the potager.
I forgot to mention, when I created the beds for the potager, they are made up of about 1/2 aged horse manure, and the rest my poor clay soil. Everything was till together very well. In this bed I also have my strawberries and a few winter sown seedlings (one of which can be seen growing right in front), and some lettuce, and a nice layer of mulch layed over.

 "I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project, thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds."


  1. I'm sure they will do fine! Mine grow all over the garden and climb the fence to visit my neighbor's garden!

  2. I havent grown nasturtiums for many, many years. I love these newer varieties.

  3. Your jug of seedlings looks just like mine! I'm excited to see how they do now that they're out of their little plastic greenhouse.

  4. Same here Diane. I am hoping they really take off.